Thursday, June 4, 2015

1 Month Old

Emma is 1 month old this week! This sweet baby girl brings us so much happiness, even though she is in her isolette most of the time. Our daily visits to her are always the highlight of our day. Her tiny hands and feet moving and reaching out while we take her temperature and change her diaper make us fall more and more in love with her.

Sometimes it's hard to be a parent when your baby can't be with you. Because she came to us so early it's sometimes confusing to explain how old she is. This is how to calculate gestational/ corrected age here.

Weight: 2lb 7oz

Little miss Emma is doing so well, everyday she is doing a little bit better. This week they also took her chin strap off and she's breathing fine without it! She is still small, has a feeding tube, and is receiving oxygen, but for how early she was everything is going better than we could have hoped. As her nurse yesterday said "she's a little rockstar!"

On Tuesday we got to give her a bath! It was so fun and she handled it all really well, she stayed stable the whole time.

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  1. Emma looks really, really good. I have another friend who's baby was born at the same gestational age and she didn't look nearly as mature and healthy as Emma, and she's doing GREAT. Hope everything is going well! We're praying for you.