Monday, December 8, 2014

How to hem chiffon and other lightweight fabrics:

Learning how to sew is a lifelong process, I am, and will, always be picking up little tips and tricks to make my garments have a professional feel to them. This is one one my favorite tricks that I learned in my bridal wear sewing class at BYU-I. One of the other students who will forever stand out as a kindred spirit, and who I look up to as a mentor, taught me this wonderful method for hemming fine fabrics. 

Step one: chiffon has a tendency to warp and fray very easily, and as a result you must work carefully, with the goal of making your edges appear something like the edge I've shown below. Some additional trimming may be necessary before you begin. 

Step two: Put your chiffon under the presser foot, folded over about 1/8", DO NOT use pins to hold your fabric in place as this will slow you down and actually make it harder to get a clean edge. 

(if the picture below is confusing, keep reading it will make more sense as you go)

 Step 3: Sew all the way around the edge that you are finishing, do not back stitch, instead, simply continue sewing, finally sewing over where you started about 1".

This is the wrong side or back of the fabric

This side is the right side, the side that will be visible after the garment is finished
 Step 4: Fold the fabric over a second time as shown below, and again sew all the way around, with no back-stitching.

This is what the outside or right side of your finished garment will look like.

This is what the inside or wrong side should look like, you will be able to see both sets of stitching.

*For clarification the red thread (bobbin thread) marks the rights side of the fabric, and the purple (top thread) marks the back.

* This technique work well on chiffon, silks, peachskin, lining, or other lightweight fine fabrics.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

More sewing

Here are a few more of my recent projects! I'm working hard on perfecting my pattern work, and streamlining my process. I have fabrics coming in the mail, and I'm looking forward to opening my etsy shop in the very near future!