Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Thank you!

This has been a very crazy few weeks. We have had a baby, moved apartments, and had many helpers come visit. We have received so many emails, texts, meals, phone calls, letters, cards, and people stopping by to offer help, comfort and assistance. This experience has been full of miracles, and we have seen the Lord's hand manifest through the many hand that have helped us.

Here's a fun fact about me; I have a really hard time accepting help. Not because I don't want the help, but because sometimes I don't realize that I need help. My mom told Layton the following story while she was here visiting. When I was little we were at my Grandma's house for thanksgiving dinner. Everyone was seated and they were about to bless the food when they noticed that I was missing. They called my name and I responded "I'll be there in a minute." Another minute or so passed, and they called again and again they heard "I'll be there in a minute." Finally they sent my dad out to find me. I had been playing in the front of the house and I got me head stuck in between the bars of her wrought iron gate. I knew that I could get my head out but it was taking longer than I thought it would. With my dad's help we got me unstuck quickly and went inside to enjoy our thanksgiving dinner.

This story is rather typical of me, I'm not easily stressed out especially when I think I have everything under control. We have had so much family here helping us that we haven't had to actively ask for help yet. I have been fortunate to be recovering quite quickly from the c-section so I feel like I can do more than I'm actually supposed to. Nevertheless, for all the help we've received, noticed and unnoticed, asked for or simply just given, needed or not, I want to say thank you to you all!

We are so grateful to all of you known and unknown for everything. We can feel your love and prayers, it helps us to keep going everyday!

We love you all,

Meredith, Layton, and Emma

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