Friday, June 19, 2015

Nursing/pumping friendly clothes

After having Emma I began to pump for her. I quickly found that most of my t-shirts didn't work for pumping, or for holding her during kangaroo care. The best options were button downs but sometimes you want to wear something different. I started looking at nursing tops and dresses... oh my. There is very little available and what is available is not very cute or it's very expensive. I think of my self as being a problem solver, so I set out to make some dresses and tops that would be pumping/nursing friendly.
My solution was to put a placket in everything so a lot of the shirts and dresses that I have been making recently have been a tunic or henley style with buttons going only part of the way down the front.

I learned how to put in plackets a long time ago in school. I watched this video here as a refresher. I am also putting together my own tutorial of how do do a placket because the video is long, and sometimes it's easier to just scroll through a page and be able to follow the instructions at your own pace.

Oh and here are some pictures of sweet E because in the first one she looks like she waving, and how can I possibly put up a post devoid of her cuteness!

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  1. A great way to do things is just wear your normal shirts, but always wear a low-necked t or cami underneath. You can cut the straps on camis to make little loops to fit over the clip-tab on your nursing bras. Then you just lift your shirt up and your underneath is still covered. It's a really great way to nurse discreetly without covering, if she ends up like my children. They're both super claustrophobic about things over their heads, just like me, so covering wasn't an option. And they refused to take a bottle. So it was nurse uncovered in public, or never go out. Because who feeds their baby in a public restroom?!?!?!?!