Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Little E

This tiny cutie is 6 weeks old, and getting cuter by the minute. This weekend she hit 3 lbs. It seems huge to us, but she still isn't anywhere near as big as a "normal" baby. She is active and tries her very best to pull out all of her tubes and wires, lately she makes the funniest noises, grunting, squeaking, and sometimes hiccuping. 

Worlds biggest yawn

I love this face so serious.

Bath time is everyones favorite, we love being able to be more involved in her care. Layton holds her while i wash her face, neck, tummy, and legs. We do her hair last and I think it's her favorite, it's the only time we've seen her smile. we use a very soft brush and scrub her head she gets so relaxed.

Her second favorite thing to do is sprawl, legs out, arms out, and flailing madly. Her physical therapist told us to hold her arms to her chest and put our hands under her feet so she has something to push against, but some how she always ends up with arms and legs stretched as far as they will go.

I love her tiny hands and have about a million pictures just of those darling fingers. Whenever Layton or I hold her she still works one of her arms out from being swaddled and lays in on our chests.

Lately we've been giving her a pacifier to start practicing sucking, her pacifier is so tiny but it still takes up half of her face, she likes to be in charge and hold the pacifier herself whenever we practice.

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  1. These photos are just priceless. Thank you so much for sharing this experience, and letting us try to keep up on her development.