Saturday, January 9, 2016

Happy New Year!

2016 started off with a bang in the Bird household. Homemade skillet pizza and sparkling cider and a nine o'clock bed time :)

In reality all the excitement came much earlier in the day. Originally we had planned to stay in WA through the New Year, but I had been experiencing a lot of difficulties with my c-section scar. Before we left for WA I visited a women's health specialist physical therapist to see if she could help. She helped me with my lower back pain, and recommended doing scar massage as well as visiting with the surgeon who preformed with c-section. Her guess was that I had developed adhesions, and possibly uterine tumors (non-cancerous). So we set up an appointment with the Dr. for new years eve and left on our trip to WA.

So on New Years Eve morning we headed out to the doctor's office, where he took a look at the scar and said I had a Keloid, which almost always is accompanied by adhesions. After examining my abdomen he said that he was going to schedule an ultrasound because it definitely didn't feel right. We were able to schedule an ultrasound for that afternoon at 2, and before we left the office we got a blood and urine test. After doing the lab work the tech came out and said "well, your test is very positive!" 
Layton responded "Positive?" 
"Yes, very positive, you are pregnant!"
*stunned silence*

And the surprises don't end there...

The Dr. told us he thought we were about 16 weeks along based on my size etc. When we arrived for our ultrasound at two the tech asked us how far along we were, we told her his guess, she took some measurements, and then started to laugh. "You're more like 27 weeks, would you like to know the gender?" We said yes and she told us that we are expecting another little girl :) I think this might forever be our most memorable new years eve ever!

Since then we've had another appointment for the glucose test, and we are once again scheduled for a c-section, this time in March 1.  This last week has been a whirlwind of preparations, projects, and prayers. We are so grateful that Layton has had the week off school to help set up the nursery, clean, organize and de-junk the house.

Wishing you a Happy new year, full of surprises and miracles!


  1. This is just incredible! Congratulations!!!! Love you guys.

  2. It appears you have some very impatient children! Who can blame them wanting to get down here to be with such awesome parents. You two are the best. Wow! What a CRAZY surprise. You will definitely have your hands full. : ) We love you and...Congratulations! and Happy New Year!

  3. Amazing! Children are always a blessing and Heavenly Father will pour out enormous blessings for your little family in the next few years!