Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My sewing room

Ever since we moved into our apartment here in Idaho I knew I wanted and needed a sewing room. So Layton and I agreed that we would move all of our storage stuff into the spare room and then I could use the remaining space for a sewing room!
It has taken me over a year to clean up, de-junk, etc. to get this room into a configuration that I absolutely love.

^  I store most of my fabric in large plastic tote boxes. I started out with 7 in various shapes and sizes and now I'm down to 4! Hooray for de-junking.

^  Another recent addition is my hanging rack. This is a big favorite, it saves me so much space being able to hang unfinished and finished projects, it also helps me to organize and prioritize what I need to be working on.


^  I was able to use paracord to hang the rack which saved a lot of floor space. I have always loved knots and used a couple of different knots here. I feel like they give it an outdoorsy feel!

I am so grateful for this wonderful space, and I am excited about the fun projects that I have in the works! Can't wait to share ;)


  1. Order just makes all the difference in creativity for me. Looks great!

    1. Thanks Becky! It really does make a huge difference :)