Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Oh to start a blog, I've done it before and I enjoyed it. However it also become another item on an unending to-do list. Why on earth would I start another blog? Well I will tell you. I have a lot of skills that I miss being able to share, and a lot of family that I fail to keep in close contact with. I used to be a T.A. in a sewing lab, now I'm a bridal consultant/ sales girl/ occasional seamstress at a wonderful store. But it's not the same as teaching and helping my students. So I figured that this blog will serve two purposes: firstly I can share my sewing projects, knowledge, general fun times, and the occasional flop, and secondly I can keep in touch with family and update them because I'm not the best at staying in touch.

“My blog is a collection of answers people don’t want to hear to questions they didn’t ask.” 
― Sebastyne Young

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  1. I love the quote at the bottom. It's very funny. It is so sweet to hear your version of our son and you are so right about you being each other's complement. We feel Layton becoming complete and whole with you and love our awesome so even more now with you. We are thrilled by the relation ships you have built with his sisters as well. This is a dream come true for us, to have our children continue to be friends, with all spouses loved and included. Bless you for taking the plunge into the world of being the ONLY daughter in law. You are brave and good and we feel PERFECT, for us and our dear Layton.